Hi, and welcome to my homepage of the Fibro Fighters Fight. This is a lifestyle blog documenting the challenges of an ambitious Fibro Warrior. It has been a very long and hard road to diagnosis, which has literally taken a grand total of 17 years. Diagnosis 11th June 2020.

Early into 2020 prior to lockdown, I had no choice but to redesign my lifestyle, goals, plans, and ambitions around my condition. I have no intention of working around fibro; I intend for my fibro to work for me! I have achieved this with business influenced personal projects which work alongside any restrictions the condition imposes.

What I aim to achieve is to build a network with other ambitious fibro warriors, while also inspiring others to chase their dreams despite their condition. The more often I hear ‘oh but you can’t…’ it is the more determined I become to prove ‘oh yes I can’.

I Fight Fibro Ferociously & Relentlessly…